Musa 30cm Doll came and my whole collection shot

hello guys,

finally i started my collection again and got Musa 30cm from Giochi Preziosi !

DSCF7132 DSCF7133

Review is going to come later :)

and eric/someone from youtube, asked me of a picture of my whole collection together, so i made one– here they are->


DSCF7140 DSCF7141 DSCF7148 DSCF7153

have cost some time to find the right place where they all could sit or stand together xD

have a nice day and see you soon with other updates and reviews

Bye guys


winx Sirenix

Hello guys, Sorry that i was gone for too long now, but i had many problems here and the university was hard—

I didn’t stop my collection of course and still have them all :) I will continue with my collection and the next Winx i will buy soon are the Sirenix, exactly said the whole sirenix set :)

I did think about buying the italian set,too but i’m not quite sure by now!

Should I?

So here are some pics, look forward to my review of them

91jLVab0cdL__SL1500_ 35196-vinks-pricheski-besplatno

Also coming in my collection soon are the 30cm Musa and Sky and the missing Witch Stormy ^^

Musa Basic Sky Spezialisten Outfit Stormy basic

And of course still Sky from Mattel


i didn’t buy him until now, because new he’s too expensive and used he was always missing some parts, because children played with him, but i continue searching :)

good news!

Good news guys,

i did bid on the Winx-bloom-Sky limited Set from America and got it! now they will come later as you know America-Germany takes long time!

sadly the believix i already paid aren’t here still,too!


And Darcy wasn’t delivered until today,too!


but i’m so happy i got stormy on ebay

Stormy basic

with black shoes through?

Well and still have to wait some days until i can finally pay and get all winx concert dolls :)


i found one seller on ebay, who’s selling this musa


kinda want her :O

and these things are still in transport,too!

tecna und sky stella bloom

and i found one seller who’s selling these two beauties ^^


and sky from mattel for 11 Euro LOL


not owning this picture!

Well :) that’s all by now i’m waiting for, but still enough, right?

Oh and i finaly found a seller who’s selling mini musa!!!!


but by now i can’t afford more, have to watch the money^^

see you soon

as wished from one of my american friends and winx doll collector Eric:


i hope i can do that! :S

Bye Guys


Musa x2 and Brandon 12inch

Hey guys,

i’m back, sorry for the late post, but i was busy with studying.. This week is so hard, everyday from 8:00 am to 8:30 pm in the night.- I was kinda screaming when i got my timetable :S

let’s just start then with both Musa’s, they came- i love them so much!

Musa in School Uniform and Musa in Party Dress


DSCF4480 DSCF4482

(better pics later, it was dark already here when i came home today!)

also Brandon and Stella are together now! <3


now just waiting for Sky and Darcy. I got Darcy in bidding at ebay NEW for 50 Euro ^^


And Sky i got together with the other school uniform dolls from giochi for 22 Euro XD NEW as you can also see in the last post pictures!

tecna und sky

sadly i had to pass stormy because of less money :S

but instead i got 4 Dolls without clothes also 12inch high! i want them to wear the extra outfit packages i will buy later!

Now in 12inch height there are just missing the other school girls

Bloom 2. Staffel Schuloutfit Flora 2. Staffel Schuloutfit Layla 2. Staffel Schuloutfit

stella 2. Staffel Schuloutfit Tecna 2. Staffel Schuloutfit

and Stormy

Stormy basic

and the extra event dolls!

especially the cute charmix-camp musa and tecna^^

Tecna Charmix-Camp Musa 2.Staffel Charmix-Camp

see you soon

bye guys


wished dolls by now

Hey guys. well now finally i will post my wish-list by now.

Starting with the 13inch Dolls again^^

First the School Dolls :

i did ask a seller for the whole set, but waiting for his price-reply for them now!  :S Just Layla is still too expensive._.

Tecna 2. Staffel Schuloutfit stella 2. Staffel Schuloutfit

Layla 2. Staffel Schuloutfit

Flora 2. Staffel Schuloutfit Bloom 2. Staffel Schuloutfit

Then of course the Ball/ Milenium Dolls from Giochi in tall versions, but they are so hard to get :(

Bloom 1. Staffel Tanzoutfit Flora 1. Staffel Tanzoutfit musa 1. staffel tanz outfit Stella 1.Staffel Tanz Outfit Tecna 1. staffel tanzoutfit

and also the School Girls from 1st Season

Tecna 1. Staffel Schuloutfit Stella 1. Staffel Schuloutfit Musa 1. Staffel Schuloutfit bloom 1.staffel schuloutfit Flora 1. Staffel Schuloutfit

and of course Brandon Sky everday wear and Icy, Darcy and Stormy

brandon everyday wear outfit Darcy Basic Darcy Sky Everyday wear outfit Stormy basic

also i’m searching the Charmix-Camp and special Alfea Party Dolls (i just have Musa Alfea Party Doll by now)

Stella Evening Layla 1. Staffel Tanz OutfitTecna 2. Staffel Tanzoutfit

Tecna Charmix-Camp Musa 2.Staffel Charmix-Camp

and finally the date-outfits from season 3

Stella 2. Staffel Date-Outfit Tecna 2. Staffel Date-Outfit Musa 2. Staffel Date-Outfit Flora 2. Staffel Date-Outfit Bloom 2. Staffel Date-Outfitlayla 3. staffel

well then we continue with mattel-

the biker dolls


the school dolls


and now we continue with jakks pacific.- BTW i’m so disappointed with this company! They are not selling their dolls to Europe and even don’t allow other shops to sell them to Europe!

Please Jakks Pacific if you read that someday, what the hell are you doing?

I mean the original anime series if from italy, if italy decides one day to don’t sell the rights for that series to america, would your dolls still sell??? Heavy rules you have there!!

let’s see i like the Believix Dolls, but not their shoes. Anyway i ordered Bloom, Flora and Stella

and now are missing Musa, Layla and Tecna


and also ALL harmonix, 4 by now!


the city girls


and here still the winx italian alfea castle

alfea castle

then see you soon guys, that was my wish-list by now :)

bye bye


Winx Dolls Ordered

Let me see, first we will start with the 13inch collection :)

These 3 Dolls



and Musa Party-Musa School

016 043

are shipped out on monday and will come to my house anytime next week :)

These 4 Dolls are ordered and send out in April

bloom stella tecna und sky

Musa and Flora are still missing-sadly!

i will bid on Tecna+Flora Sirenix- we’ll see if i get them!

Then there are just missing Layla and Stella,

i have to wait until somebody will sell them online <3


i love these figures, if anybody wants a review, feel free to ask^^

and then finally i got the last two pixies Amore and Lockette from mattel- coming this week!


i also found the Winx Simba Concert Dolls for low price all 6


and finally i ordered in america two weeks ago, but didn’t get it because shipping is long:

Believix Bloom, Flora and Stella.


well it’s getting late now- took a long time to get all the pictures for this post and it’s already 2 am here

So see you guys tomorrow with my wish-list :-)

winx doll collection update

I rearranged my room a bit and now the winx wall did grow and changed place :)


below there’s standing my Stella, which i already told you was hard work! and at her right side there’s the package of the frutti music bar and on the right you can see my desk and flora Mattel School 1st Season.


here’s my cupboard of the 13inch Giochi Preziosi Winx Dolls and the 11inch Mattel Dolls (bloom still missing her winx, they will come soon!)


and here finally comes my desk :)


in the middle of my desk we have high above the sirenix -Children-Suprise Eggs- Maxi Figures of Musa and Bloom-

i’m bidding on Tecna and Flora currently!

in the middle we have Bloom Biker with her Bike and Bloom together with her pegasus from the movie.

i got her for 40 Euro sale in Toys R Us :) Still some left, if anybody want one set,too?

and below there are some monster high’s- sorry for that

and my winx mattel castle with all winx figures ;-)

Then we go to the right of my desk


there you can see high above the winx mini Believix Dolls from Simba Roxy, Bloom, Flora and Stella

I still have Flora twice, if anybody wants to buy or trade contact me!

I will soon get Musa,too! <3

You can see the children suprise eggs- mini figures winx below and roxy everday wear outfit standing in the back ;-)

and here finally the last part of my collection by now.

Bloom and the Frutti Music Bar- Oh i love it <3

Got it on and it came very fast without any costum fee’s!


Now if you want a review of any doll, just ask in a comment below

see you guys in the next post of an update what i ordered :)


Winx Believix Roxy- mini believix- TALL TALL Stella and winx wall update!

Hey guys,

it’s winx club time again.

well somebody asked me trying to create a video about winx club dolls i have and i tried my best, but don’t have a video program by now to edit it.. So just wait a while longer until i made all clear^^

So we can start now directly with the first review for today:

Winx mini Believix Stella and Bloom came!

DSCF4361 DSCF4362

don’t they look awesome? review later!

Winx Believix Roxy from Simba/Witty Toys

first a complete picture-she is already hanging at my wall^^


here are her wings, with some cute green paws


her face: with yellow and pink eyeshadow and eye-liner and pink lips


her shirt with a blue shirt, two purple crystals and yellow belt


her trousers in the same colour and there you can see also the pink band at her belt


and here are her shoes


for me roxy is one of the best believix fairies and she looks gorgeous!

So now after hanging the Enchantix Dolls and Believix Dolls i reviewed all on the Wall again it looks like that:


sadly i got Tecna Believix already, but didn’t have time to hang her an the wall!

will hang her tomorrow and make a picture as update later again

And now finally i have won the auction of the tall stella..about 100cm and here she is:

in comparison with the Dollfie Dream Dolls from volks she’s way taller!


she came without her shirt and wings. but anyway i got her so cheap and that’s why it wasn’t a problem!

just her hair were a mess!!!!


without a lie 4 hours combing :s i was nearly going to cry because of that! her hair were really matted!

after 4 hours combing and shirt making myself she finally looks like that-_>


isn’t she just wonderful???

I love her <3

SO thanks guys for reading my blog, if you have any questions feel free to comment and see you


Winx Believix Flora and Winx Wall!

Hello there,

it’s Winx time again after one week holiday, that wasn’t so great!

Today i show you Flora with light up Winx Believix from Italy and my Winx Wall, my Boyfriend made for me before we went to holiday..

So let’s start ;)

here’s her face with pink-yellow eye-shadow, green eye liner and bright pink lips


here’s her shirt with some pink flowers and green twines and pink flower pattern at the end


here’s her skirt, where you can see her button also. The skirt is shining pink with a green and beige twines belt.


here you can see her wings. Some flowers with dark pink, bright pink and green.


here you can see the roses in her hair also in bright pink.

sorry for the mess up of the hair, it was a big act to make them straight enough for pictures!


here are her shoes


And here as seen in my last post her light up wings again


Hope you like her as much as i do, she looks awesome *-*

I nearly forgot Winx Bloom believix shoes last time, so i add them now!


And because i forgot to make a review last time,too i now review the Believix Musa and Layla Doll,too

starting with her face.

she has turquoise eyes, bright blue- purple eye shadow, green eye liner and light pink lips


here’s her shirt


turquoise net over her shoulder and turquoise shirt

here are her pants


with a light green skirt and turquoise trousers.

she also has pink wrist bands

now her shoes


and finally her wings


Now we can get to Musa–

her Face

She has Yellow-Pink-Orange Eye Shadow, green eye liner and dark pink lips


here’s her shirt in glitter pink with a blue glitterish tie and her pants in the same colours.

DSCF4311 DSCF4312

she also has wrist bands in pink and a little bright blue band on the right!

here are her wings


and here the shoes!


AND NOW last for today but not least my Enchantix Dolls Tecna and Layla

starting with tecna

her face

there’s not much colour in her face. Just a little purple eye-shadow and some really bright pink lips


she has a hair tie in silver and gold looks like christmas gongs


and here’s her shirt and skirt- tied together as in the series


at the shirt there’s a little blue flower some pearls and she has a golden necklace


here are her feets


they have two squares and green laces

and here the wings in purple, pink and green


and some blue gloves

and that’s how she looks complete


And now Layla

she has some really cute hair tie’s

and a blue crown on her head


i made the picture of her face in the dark, so you can see the bright yellow clearly

and her pink lips look great this way,too!


her shirt in pink and yellow looks awesome and she has exactly 3 blue bands around her neck, as in the series! very detailed!


her skirt is also much detailed in green, pink and yellow colours.

she has long green gloves


her wings are green and pink with pink flowers on the right and the left.


and her feets have blue laces in combination with purple pearls


here you can see how she looks complete


Now we gonna get to my winx wall!


here’s my Winx Wall-my boyfriend hang them on the wall with some nylon thread and now they look like that

I love that wall so much and also it’s beside my desk, so i can always see them while studying.

that’s all for today- but i think it was enough anyway for one day!

next time review of the tall versions of Winx-i have all except of Musa Doll and Bloom’s Wings!


and the little Roxy and Flora, that i just opened today, because of holiday. *.*



And maybe one TALL 100CM Stella! I DID GET HER AT EBAY.


Now the seller said that it will take at least 2 Weeks for her to arrive here !

stella 100 cm

i will make her shirt myself and the wings,too! ^.^

my first winx doll project.- But beside that isn’t she awesome????

And after that i will make a short review about the Winx Game for PS2, that i will start playing next week!

So see ya guys ;)


Alfea Castle Mattel and Winx Believix

Now endlessly i found some time, to make the Alfea Castle Pictures. Bloom, Tecna and Flora Giochi Preziosi are also here.

So just look forward to the next Reviews,too

But now to the Castle


That’s how it looks closed..

When you push the Button beside the Door-the blue one-it opens and looks like that


Now here is a better and brighter picture: always bad with sunlight ._.


that’s from the back when it’s closed :)

And now we gonna get to the rooms. starting from the left

this is Bloom’s Room. Normally there is an Plant on the right hanging above the bed, but sadly it got broken with transport :(–

have to fix it with glue, when i have time again!


You can pull out the floor and open her bed- like that->


bloom also has a music box in purple and some books beside them.


Now you can see Flora’s Room


Flora’s Room has a Window, that can open up and close like that->


on the left you can see a big tree. little chinese touch and her meat-eating-plant


On the Right we can see lot’s of Flowers in a shelf


that’s all with Flora’s Room.

move on to Stella’s in the middle!

it just opens up, if you push the Button i showed before!



in Flora’s Room we have a big mirror in hear-shape

a orange bed, which you can pull out a little more, so she can lie on her bed and some cute petrol coloured curtains

in the background we can see also some perfume bottles and stuff.

Now that’s all for Stella’s Room-

Moving on to Musa’s Room


there are huge music boxes and a radio, that really plays a melody on the left.

at the floor there’s lying her keyboard and her bed is pink with yellow cushion.

There is also a clock, a wand-lamp, some bongo’s and some pictures and a flower.

Now we can come to Tecna’s Room


you can also pull out the floor here, exactly as in Bloom’s Room


The Box in the back makes noice and changes the paper.. on the left there’s a shelf or something and on the right there’s a mirror.

on the floor there is something like a technical plan.

Now here’s the Door again, if you click on the Button in the middle, which you can see hardly at the picture because both the door and the middle thing have the same colours- the thing spins around and bloom is seen in her magix outfit.


on the inside you can see the Alfea Sign.

Now moving on to the Floor below Flora’s Room. There is a actually a second door and i think this one should be the original one, where you can See Darcy and Stormy looking in the house. You can’t see Icy, because she’s included as a figure already!


in the middle there’s a carpet or something and above there’s a lamp, that can light up!


Now moving on to the kitchen


in the kitchen, there are hanging some things on the wall as spoons, knifes and so on.

There’s a little desk and on the right you can see a stove, which you can open up and then it looks like that->


The one above is a chicken and the one below i don’t know for sure, but something with sandwiches.

Now moving on to the 2 last rooms.

First the Library


there is a shelf where you can climb up in the second floor, a little carpet and there’s also normally standing a secretary desk with a little lamp-NOT lighting up!


the desk is yellow, the chair’s red with a pink lamp,that looks like a mushroom to me!


there are also the guitar of musa, a little goose-i don’t know why!

and a table for the cafeteria

–no the last room is a class-room i think.

you can see the blackboard in the back and in the front there’s a school table, that you can fold up



you can then see the magic of the teacher Palladium<- i hope i remembered the name right?

That’s my Alfea Castle and now we can have a closer look at the figures :)

first one: ICY

DSCF4212 DSCF4213 DSCF4214

Second One: Bloom

DSCF4209 DSCF4226 DSCF4224 DSCF4225 DSCF4223

Third One: Stella

DSCF4211 DSCF4215 DSCF4216

forth One: Tecna

DSCF4207 DSCF4221 DSCF4222

Fith One: Flora

DSCF4210 DSCF4217 DSCF4218

and the last one and my favorite Fairy: MUSA

DSCF4208 DSCF4219 DSCF4220

As you could see, the Figures are very detailed and i love them!

Well now moving on to my second Review for Today.

Believix Bloom-with light up wings

here’s her face


her wings


her shoes


her Skirt


her Shirt

at her chest she has a button, where the wings can light up


here you can see the light by day


here i have made a picture for you in the night


And now that you can look forward to next Preview- a little Picture


see you guys soon

bye Bye



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