First Winx Doll Review Icy

Hi Guys,

so here comes my first Review, of one of the 3 Trix: Icy

The Trix (Witches) are the opponents of the Winx Club and go to School at CloudTower

Icy is the strongest and smartest Trix member and she’s the most evil opponent Bloom have!


All 3 Trix Dolls have their initial letters at their costumes and wear skin-tight suits with high heel boots.

So here comes Icy’s Doll -sorry for the lightning next time will be better!


She’s from Giochi Preziosi and not produced or sold anymore. She was hard to get, but i found her by chance at some german auctions.

Her face looks great and compared to the series, it’s very detailed,too


her hair normally is kinda silver bright, but well the bright blue is okay with me,too and she comes with some silver highlights


they did even think about the little silver buttons at her hair tie, this is really really detailed!

her shoes kinda look big and not as small as in the series, but i think it’s because they wanted to make her stand without any problems, so they made the shoes like a rack!


they suit is kinda awesome- they even thought about her initial letter! And the dark blue they got right,too


Well her suit is great, her shoes are like a rack, they didn’t forget any detail, but i don’t like the hair colour so much.

Anyway it’s the most beautiful doll they made out of Icy and i like it!!

so that was my Review about Icy Doll, hope you enjoyed it, happy about comments you might make

aaaand see you next time

Next Review Will be:

Roxy normal Version


Look forward to it

Bye Bye


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