my wished dolls

First all of the 2004 and 2005 Mattel Dolls with their magix outfit


And also the mattel Biker Dolls


i don’t like the mattel school girls so much, there i want the taller preziosi dolls

Layla 2. Staffel Schuloutfit Flora 2. Staffel Schuloutfit $(KGrHqF,!jcE1JPeotlYBNc7W7IIew~~_35 Bloom 2. Staffel Schuloutfit Tecna 2. Staffel Schuloutfit stella 2. Staffel Schuloutfit

Next i’m trying to collect the witty toys Believix Winx, but they are rare and expensive.

I’m still missing Tecna and Roxy…

Simba_brand_dolls_wanted OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

i have found Layla, Musa and Stella (stella already shipped)

Bloom with light up wings

and Flora with light up wings

but i’m still missing Tecna and Roxy

Roxy is really expensive new atm and i want them new and Tecna is okay with the price, but i wanted to wait until i get her a little cheaper^^ i have time at all!

Well let’s go on with the Enchantix..

Now just missing Layla and Tecna and my Enchantix Dolls from Giochi are complete!


stella, Bloom, Musa and Flora are already on their way to me since 2 days from France

Tecna and Layla i have found new in France,too but the owner of them is really not friendly. it’s the opposite. At the beginning he said that he has 3 believix dolls and showed me a picture of Believix Musa, Layla and Roxy via e-mail.

At Ebay he has a picture with Tecna, Flora and Layla.. Now he tells me he have just 2 and he sold the others already and i’m confused which two. Then he told me he has Musa and Layla, well i’m now waiting for his next answer, but he got angry of my last mail i think! Because i changed my mind about some other dolls he have 3 times and i think he’s angry because i don’t want to buy so much from him.

..people are sometimes complicated!!!

From the Love and Pet Dolls i’m not sure by now, if i want them or not.

Flora is missing her headcap with cat ears, Musa’s eyes are horrible and the hair of tecna way too long.. will wait until i get them cheap someday, or i will not collect them! we’ll see

I’m atm watching the mini believix, but there’s always missing a fairy when i want to buy them all! The last offer was great and there were included Stella, Flora, Roxy, Tecna,  Bloom and Layla, but Musa was missing!

Roxy’s so expensive alone!

I’m at the end also interested in Winx Castle, but it’s also way too expensive and just available used-_-


It has sound and often the sounds aren’t working anymore or the kids broke something and that’s why it’s hard to find it in great condition to a great price!

Well let’s wait and see what the person with the believix winx answers back and also hope you enjoy my blog in the future

see you 😉


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