many many many winx dolls

As of now i just started to collect them, but i had so much birthday money still, that i decided to collect many winx dolls…

first, i have ordered all winx mattel dolls used, all characters and icy, just sky is missing.. But anyway they are used, so i’m really excited what i will get. hope they are quite fine..


at the Picture Layla is missing, but she’s in the package anyway! ^.^

as i know, they also have their festival outfits. So i really hope they still look great! because that’s what the ebay seller said!

So then the Winx Enchantix Stella, Bloom, Flora and Musa came and they couldn’t be better!


Will post a review tomorrow or later.. Tecna and Layla aren’t ordered, but i will order them soon!

Also Stella Giochi-the valentine-present of my boyfriend came and the review is posted soon!

Stella Basic

I liked her so much ❤

I also ordered Layla in her everyday wear outfit, for just 10Euro’.. LOL what a price! ❤


And in her magic outfit cheap and new

Layla Basic

So i have layla complete in her school uniform and magic outfit by now ^.^ They just have to be arrive here!

Also i got Bloom with her Bike and Bloom Believix today, will make a review soon,too



her wings can light up and look like a christmas tree XD

Also i got the Winx PS2 game, which is coming soon


and the same person as Tecna and Layla Enchantix is selling Musa and Layla Believix 🙂 So i will get them,too later

That was all for my news by now….

see you later guys


Bye bye


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