Winx Mattel Dolls Review

Hello Guys,


it’s another winx doll review.

this time i will review the Enchantix Dolls – very rare to find these days and very expensive,too

I got them cheap all together from France –> LET’s START

with Bloom


here she is in her dress, the dress is really detailed and so are the wings


as you can see she has this beautiful headband on her in orange with some dark-blue crystals



these are her feets, a combination of bright and dark blue in star shape

her face is really detailed,too

she has green-blue eyes, with yellow-pink eye shadow and pink lips


now we will continue with Flora

Flora’s Outfit is one of my favorite and looks so awesome

with so many details, the right colours and the glitter square in the middle, it looks exactly as in the series!



her crown in glitter blue with purple pearls is even better


here’s her face

she has green eyes with purple-white eye shadow and light pink lips


her feets look nice,too


they have a dark-blue square in the middle and brighter blue-ish lines rapped upon


all in all she’s so georgous!

next my favorite Fairy_ Musa

she has a pearl necklace around her neck in dark blue and purple colours.


her outfit is exactly as in the series in red with yellow marks and bands


her skirt has a little pink and a little sweet flower on the right

below there’s a golden glitter band and then red glitter again. at the skirt there are also yellow bands


her head band is very detailed with some white pearls and a little purple crystal in between, one yellow flower on the right and the left and some red bands at her twin tails


now her face:

her eyes have a purple blue, she has light blue-natural brown eyeshadow and some bright pink lips


my absolutely favorite fairy out of them together with Tecna


and for today the last Stella

somehow i hate how this doll is made..

well but anyway here she is

she has a silver/bright blue necklace, with some red pearls

her shirt glitters and is orange with a light blue band below


her skirt is made good by the way

it has a star chain in really bright yellow

a pink sea shell where you can have a better look on the next picture

a orange skirt and pink flower pattern in front.



she also has some blue gloves, but as i know they were bright pink in the series, not blue.

why the hell are they blue???


she has a glitter dark blue crown, normally it should be much more little. this is way too big!!!


and her face.- what the fuck- they did there?


her eyes are way too big, she just have a white eye shadow, bright pink lips and light brown eyes.

as you can see really bright brown! even her brows are too little!!!!

So what they did with that doll- i don’t know, but i don’t like it


Sadly i have to say, that Tecna and Layla still are in transport and will just come next week

but i will make an update post, when they came.

see ya next time for

Winx 2004 Mattel Dolls and the alfea castle from mattel with 6 little winx figures.

look forward to it 🙂


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