my opinion 5th season and update ordered winx

Hey guys it’s Winx time again.

today i watched the 14th Episode of season 5 and i have to say i really hate what they made in season 5.

I mean they already let Nabu die in season 4,

layla und nabu ending

then another guy is loving Layla in season 5 and now that!

Then there comes Tritannus, who’s attacking the mermaids, so that he can enter the infinite ocean and then suddenly the winx are at the beach and not fighting tritannus but COLLECTING TRASH?

trash collecting

AND THEN THERE IS A STUPID FASHION SHOW FROM STELLA? I mean what the heck are they doing? tritannus entered the infinite ocean and they are making A FASHION SHOW???

stella's clothes

she’s wearing salad and carrots. stella is sometimes not smart enough, but she isn’t so silly. hell

kinda sucks :X

well sorry but had to say that, now move on to our update of winx dolls, they came in….

Musa, Flora and Layla Believix came today and i love Musa! My Flora and my Bloom has lights in their wings, i will make a review about that,too!

will be reviewed soon after the 1st alfea castle

3407468232_e8f526dab5 Believix-Layla

The Alfea Castle came and looks great.. here’s a short pic before writing the real review


i’m onto a second Alfea Castle- NOT MY PICTURE

Right reserved-found it on google ^.^

alfea castle

but i’m not sure, if i will get it or not- we’ll see! It comes new together with charmix bloom 🙂

it’s over 100cm wide and over 70 cm tall.. very very big school and perfect for pictures in the future*-*

Enchantix Tecna and Layla came yesterday and WOW they are as awesome as the other Enchantix Giochi Preziosi Dolls!

Review later


and finally i have bloom at her motorcycle-review later^^

not yet my picture.rights are all reserved for the real owner of this pic


i didn’t ger her sunglasses, but besides that and her earrings she’s complete..

review later… Also ordered Roxy  and Tecna Believix

Simba_brand_dolls_wanted OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Giochi Preziosi Brandon


i’m not the owner of this picture- will get this one soon 😉

Giochi Preziosi Bloom, Flora and Tecna. But just Tecna complete-Flora and Bloom missing wings, that’s why i have to buy more than one of each doll, to get the wings- but the really rare 2004 versions*.*

Bloom Basic Flora basic Tecna Basic

Winx out of the ” Suprise Eggs in Europe– all 8 together


cheap figures but i already have layla and flora and did want the others then,too..

because i’m trying to collect all of winx anyway

….aaaand mini Believix Roxy+Flora.–about 12cm tall

they both come with two wings. their believix one’s and their Speedix Wings

sadly i ordered Flora twice, because i got her together with mini roxy AND the tall believix roxy.-

Maybe someone wants the second mini believix flora? Then just write me! no box through but great condition and both wings and her stand/rack!  will trade,too

E1014092 E1014090

this is how the package looked, you can see both wings and stand/rack clearly at the pic..

bloom mini

and last but not least

currently i’m bidding on the original WINX PS2 Joypad/Controller..-

can’t wait to get him and play the ps2 game with it, which is still in shipment. should come next week lately!

joypad winx

So this was my update for today.

see you later for the review of my Winx Mattel Dolls in their Ball-Outfits AAND the first little Alfea Castle

bye guys



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