Alfea Castle Mattel and Winx Believix

Now endlessly i found some time, to make the Alfea Castle Pictures. Bloom, Tecna and Flora Giochi Preziosi are also here.

So just look forward to the next Reviews,too

But now to the Castle


That’s how it looks closed..

When you push the Button beside the Door-the blue one-it opens and looks like that


Now here is a better and brighter picture: always bad with sunlight ._.


that’s from the back when it’s closed 🙂

And now we gonna get to the rooms. starting from the left

this is Bloom’s Room. Normally there is an Plant on the right hanging above the bed, but sadly it got broken with transport :(–

have to fix it with glue, when i have time again!


You can pull out the floor and open her bed- like that->


bloom also has a music box in purple and some books beside them.


Now you can see Flora’s Room


Flora’s Room has a Window, that can open up and close like that->


on the left you can see a big tree. little chinese touch and her meat-eating-plant


On the Right we can see lot’s of Flowers in a shelf


that’s all with Flora’s Room.

move on to Stella’s in the middle!

it just opens up, if you push the Button i showed before!



in Flora’s Room we have a big mirror in hear-shape

a orange bed, which you can pull out a little more, so she can lie on her bed and some cute petrol coloured curtains

in the background we can see also some perfume bottles and stuff.

Now that’s all for Stella’s Room-

Moving on to Musa’s Room


there are huge music boxes and a radio, that really plays a melody on the left.

at the floor there’s lying her keyboard and her bed is pink with yellow cushion.

There is also a clock, a wand-lamp, some bongo’s and some pictures and a flower.

Now we can come to Tecna’s Room


you can also pull out the floor here, exactly as in Bloom’s Room


The Box in the back makes noice and changes the paper.. on the left there’s a shelf or something and on the right there’s a mirror.

on the floor there is something like a technical plan.

Now here’s the Door again, if you click on the Button in the middle, which you can see hardly at the picture because both the door and the middle thing have the same colours- the thing spins around and bloom is seen in her magix outfit.


on the inside you can see the Alfea Sign.

Now moving on to the Floor below Flora’s Room. There is a actually a second door and i think this one should be the original one, where you can See Darcy and Stormy looking in the house. You can’t see Icy, because she’s included as a figure already!


in the middle there’s a carpet or something and above there’s a lamp, that can light up!


Now moving on to the kitchen


in the kitchen, there are hanging some things on the wall as spoons, knifes and so on.

There’s a little desk and on the right you can see a stove, which you can open up and then it looks like that->


The one above is a chicken and the one below i don’t know for sure, but something with sandwiches.

Now moving on to the 2 last rooms.

First the Library


there is a shelf where you can climb up in the second floor, a little carpet and there’s also normally standing a secretary desk with a little lamp-NOT lighting up!


the desk is yellow, the chair’s red with a pink lamp,that looks like a mushroom to me!


there are also the guitar of musa, a little goose-i don’t know why!

and a table for the cafeteria

–no the last room is a class-room i think.

you can see the blackboard in the back and in the front there’s a school table, that you can fold up



you can then see the magic of the teacher Palladium<- i hope i remembered the name right?

That’s my Alfea Castle and now we can have a closer look at the figures 🙂

first one: ICY

DSCF4212 DSCF4213 DSCF4214

Second One: Bloom

DSCF4209 DSCF4226 DSCF4224 DSCF4225 DSCF4223

Third One: Stella

DSCF4211 DSCF4215 DSCF4216

forth One: Tecna

DSCF4207 DSCF4221 DSCF4222

Fith One: Flora

DSCF4210 DSCF4217 DSCF4218

and the last one and my favorite Fairy: MUSA

DSCF4208 DSCF4219 DSCF4220

As you could see, the Figures are very detailed and i love them!

Well now moving on to my second Review for Today.

Believix Bloom-with light up wings

here’s her face


her wings


her shoes


her Skirt


her Shirt

at her chest she has a button, where the wings can light up


here you can see the light by day


here i have made a picture for you in the night


And now that you can look forward to next Preview- a little Picture


see you guys soon

bye Bye



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