Winx Believix Roxy- mini believix- TALL TALL Stella and winx wall update!

Hey guys,

it’s winx club time again.

well somebody asked me trying to create a video about winx club dolls i have and i tried my best, but don’t have a video program by now to edit it.. So just wait a while longer until i made all clear^^

So we can start now directly with the first review for today:

Winx mini Believix Stella and Bloom came!

DSCF4361 DSCF4362

don’t they look awesome? review later!

Winx Believix Roxy from Simba/Witty Toys

first a complete picture-she is already hanging at my wall^^


here are her wings, with some cute green paws


her face: with yellow and pink eyeshadow and eye-liner and pink lips


her shirt with a blue shirt, two purple crystals and yellow belt


her trousers in the same colour and there you can see also the pink band at her belt


and here are her shoes


for me roxy is one of the best believix fairies and she looks gorgeous!

So now after hanging the Enchantix Dolls and Believix Dolls i reviewed all on the Wall again it looks like that:


sadly i got Tecna Believix already, but didn’t have time to hang her an the wall!

will hang her tomorrow and make a picture as update later again

And now finally i have won the auction of the tall stella..about 100cm and here she is:

in comparison with the Dollfie Dream Dolls from volks she’s way taller!


she came without her shirt and wings. but anyway i got her so cheap and that’s why it wasn’t a problem!

just her hair were a mess!!!!


without a lie 4 hours combing :s i was nearly going to cry because of that! her hair were really matted!

after 4 hours combing and shirt making myself she finally looks like that-_>


isn’t she just wonderful???

I love her ❤

SO thanks guys for reading my blog, if you have any questions feel free to comment and see you



8 thoughts on “Winx Believix Roxy- mini believix- TALL TALL Stella and winx wall update!

    1. sorry, but i never saw her before anyway and at ebay there was written, that she’s rare.. I think she was a display-doll for the displays in supermarkets, she was very old,too… The manufacturer isn’t written on her! So i can’t tell.. Sorry really :S

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