Winx Dolls Ordered

Let me see, first we will start with the 13inch collection 🙂

These 3 Dolls



and Musa Party-Musa School

016 043

are shipped out on monday and will come to my house anytime next week 🙂

These 4 Dolls are ordered and send out in April

bloom stella tecna und sky

Musa and Flora are still missing-sadly!

i will bid on Tecna+Flora Sirenix- we’ll see if i get them!

Then there are just missing Layla and Stella,

i have to wait until somebody will sell them online ❤


i love these figures, if anybody wants a review, feel free to ask^^

and then finally i got the last two pixies Amore and Lockette from mattel- coming this week!


i also found the Winx Simba Concert Dolls for low price all 6


and finally i ordered in america two weeks ago, but didn’t get it because shipping is long:

Believix Bloom, Flora and Stella.


well it’s getting late now- took a long time to get all the pictures for this post and it’s already 2 am here

So see you guys tomorrow with my wish-list 🙂


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