wished dolls by now

Hey guys. well now finally i will post my wish-list by now.

Starting with the 13inch Dolls again^^

First the School Dolls :

i did ask a seller for the whole set, but waiting for his price-reply for them now!  :S Just Layla is still too expensive._.

Tecna 2. Staffel Schuloutfit stella 2. Staffel Schuloutfit

Layla 2. Staffel Schuloutfit

Flora 2. Staffel Schuloutfit Bloom 2. Staffel Schuloutfit

Then of course the Ball/ Milenium Dolls from Giochi in tall versions, but they are so hard to get 😦

Bloom 1. Staffel Tanzoutfit Flora 1. Staffel Tanzoutfit musa 1. staffel tanz outfit Stella 1.Staffel Tanz Outfit Tecna 1. staffel tanzoutfit

and also the School Girls from 1st Season

Tecna 1. Staffel Schuloutfit Stella 1. Staffel Schuloutfit Musa 1. Staffel Schuloutfit bloom 1.staffel schuloutfit Flora 1. Staffel Schuloutfit

and of course Brandon Sky everday wear and Icy, Darcy and Stormy

brandon everyday wear outfit Darcy Basic Darcy Sky Everyday wear outfit Stormy basic

also i’m searching the Charmix-Camp and special Alfea Party Dolls (i just have Musa Alfea Party Doll by now)

Stella Evening Layla 1. Staffel Tanz OutfitTecna 2. Staffel Tanzoutfit

Tecna Charmix-Camp Musa 2.Staffel Charmix-Camp

and finally the date-outfits from season 3

Stella 2. Staffel Date-Outfit Tecna 2. Staffel Date-Outfit Musa 2. Staffel Date-Outfit Flora 2. Staffel Date-Outfit Bloom 2. Staffel Date-Outfitlayla 3. staffel

well then we continue with mattel-

the biker dolls


the school dolls


and now we continue with jakks pacific.- BTW i’m so disappointed with this company! They are not selling their dolls to Europe and even don’t allow other shops to sell them to Europe!

Please Jakks Pacific if you read that someday, what the hell are you doing?

I mean the original anime series if from italy, if italy decides one day to don’t sell the rights for that series to america, would your dolls still sell??? Heavy rules you have there!!

let’s see i like the Believix Dolls, but not their shoes. Anyway i ordered Bloom, Flora and Stella

and now are missing Musa, Layla and Tecna


and also ALL harmonix, 4 by now!


the city girls


and here still the winx italian alfea castle

alfea castle

then see you soon guys, that was my wish-list by now 🙂

bye bye



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