Musa x2 and Brandon 12inch

Hey guys,

i’m back, sorry for the late post, but i was busy with studying.. This week is so hard, everyday from 8:00 am to 8:30 pm in the night.- I was kinda screaming when i got my timetable :S

let’s just start then with both Musa’s, they came- i love them so much!

Musa in School Uniform and Musa in Party Dress


DSCF4480 DSCF4482

(better pics later, it was dark already here when i came home today!)

also Brandon and Stella are together now! ❤


now just waiting for Sky and Darcy. I got Darcy in bidding at ebay NEW for 50 Euro ^^


And Sky i got together with the other school uniform dolls from giochi for 22 Euro XD NEW as you can also see in the last post pictures!

tecna und sky

sadly i had to pass stormy because of less money :S

but instead i got 4 Dolls without clothes also 12inch high! i want them to wear the extra outfit packages i will buy later!

Now in 12inch height there are just missing the other school girls

Bloom 2. Staffel Schuloutfit Flora 2. Staffel Schuloutfit Layla 2. Staffel Schuloutfit

stella 2. Staffel Schuloutfit Tecna 2. Staffel Schuloutfit

and Stormy

Stormy basic

and the extra event dolls!

especially the cute charmix-camp musa and tecna^^

Tecna Charmix-Camp Musa 2.Staffel Charmix-Camp

see you soon

bye guys



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