winx Sirenix

Hello guys, Sorry that i was gone for too long now, but i had many problems here and the university was hard—

I didn’t stop my collection of course and still have them all πŸ™‚ I will continue with my collection and the next Winx i will buy soon are the Sirenix, exactly said the whole sirenix set πŸ™‚

I did think about buying the italian set,too but i’m not quite sure by now!

Should I?

So here are some pics, look forward to my review of them

91jLVab0cdL__SL1500_ 35196-vinks-pricheski-besplatno

Also coming in my collection soon are the 30cm Musa and Sky and the missing Witch Stormy ^^

Musa Basic Sky Spezialisten Outfit Stormy basic

And of course still Sky from Mattel


i didn’t buy him until now, because new he’s too expensive and used he was always missing some parts, because children played with him, but i continue searching πŸ™‚


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