Got 3 italian Sirenix

have my eyes on ebay at all american Sirenix and got 3 italian Sirenix in ToysRus the last 3 weeks, so i wanted to show at least the 3 italian one’s with you–

That’s the selling pic of the company and i’m not owning this pic!


Now here are my three Sirenix i got so far, i could get more but i still like these 3 characters the most so i decided to start my Sirenix Collection with them.

Tecna was hard to get! I drove 3 times to ToysRus and the 3rd time they just got new one’s in stock and i grabbed the only one 😀


They have so much glitter!!!

DSCF7836 DSCF7837 DSCF7838 DSCF7839 DSCF7842 DSCF7863

In Comparison to the series one’s, they are well made for toys in my opinion!

Musa_sirenixstella___fairy_of_the_shining_sun___sirenix_by_greatsecretxd-d77k64e Winx_Club_Tecna_Sirenix_pose5


Well all in all hair, trousers, shirts and wings are great but the colours of the skirts are just not right!

…Well i love them anyway, because they are winx, so i definitely buy the other italian Sirenix,too.. Look forward to the Review

See you next  Glitter Time ^.^


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