Winx Sirenix. Whole lot ..endlessly

Sorry guys, a little late because i was a away half a year. But i have the whole italian Sirenix lot now πŸ™‚

AND like you see i updated the design of my blog, hope you like it!

Let’s start with the other 3!

DSCF8699 DSCF8692 DSCF8700

DSCF8711 DSCF8718

i think something went wrong here with the colour of floras trousers..

Normally they should be purple with green stripes, but it’s just the other way around..


Witty Toys did not get this right, but anyway she looks nice to me..

DSCF8754 DSCF8752 DSCF8716

Bloom_Sirenix Layla_Sirenix stella___fairy_of_the_shining_sun___sirenix_by_greatsecretxd-d77k64e Flora_sirenix Musa_sirenix Winx_Club_Tecna_Sirenix_pose5

DSCF8772 DSCF8768

They never get the skirts right, but anyway: love them!

Next coming up are the Bloomix and Mythix Witty Toys Dolls πŸ™‚

BFLg MFHeadingh


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